Jack D Recordings | Producer|Engineer|Songwriter
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Let’s make a record.

Producing clean, punchy, modern tracks with real classic vibe.



Working with the artist is key in getting a great record. To collaborate and find the best ideas structurally,musically and emotionally to fit your songs. I believe it is very important to get involved with the clients, not just on a musical level but a personal one as well. I put every bit of myself in every project I do.


I take great care in seeing that everything is captured correctly at the source. Pushing musicians to play to the best of their ability in the recording process and ensuring that everything is edited nice and tight before mixing. Too often this step is overlooked due to the power of DAWs, however I am still a firm believer in capturing the artist performance, as opposed to being entirely dependent upon editing.


Mixing is the perfect blend of art and technicality. It allows me to sit down and place every single aspect of a song in its own space while keeping a very musical feel. This is one of my favorite parts of being an audio engineer, because I get to put my own distinct style in every mix I do while working towards finding and fine tuning your sound.


Mastering is a unique complicated process within itself. I always include mastering with my projects but I typically will also suggest sending it off to a few of my favorite Mastering Engineers. While I know my own mastering will get the job done, I prefer to have a new ear on the final stage of the project to really glue it all together from an outsiders perspective. 



Tons of Possibilities

We have plenty of amps, cabs, guitars and basses for making sure we dial in the perfect tone for your album and playing style!


Quality Outboard

My studio is built with the essentials in making your recordings sound great. Quality front end puts focus on capturing your performance perfectly at the source.



While most of the process is done at my studio I do engineer the drums out of King Sound Studio. I love real drums in a great sounding room and this is one of my favorite places to track! It’s ran and operated by good friend/fellow engineer Rick King.

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