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DIY Recording Studio Desk Build

This is the photo blog of my desk build. I will start with saying that I have very little skill in carpentry and this is the first thing I’ve built like this besides some gobos and bird houses in high school.

It cost around $300 to build and that’s including rack rails. Here’s a quick list of what I used.


x3   4’x8′  3/4″ sheets of red oak

x2 8′ standard 2’x4′

x2 8′ 1’x3′

x2 8′ 2’x2′

3/4″ trim for the edges

Other things included are screws,wood glue,nails,ebony minwax stain, black minwax polyshade,rub on poly

The only electric tools used where a circular saw,orbital sander,12v drill.

img_4887 img_4889 img_4891 img_4894 img_4897 img_4926 img_4929 img_4939 img_4944 img_4949 img_4951 img_4955 img_4962 img_4964 img_4967


This just goes to show you that anyone can build their own desk if they want to. A studio desk like this would cost well over $2000 but with a lot  work and planning ou can do it for around $300.

I don’t have any plans for this desk as most of it was made in my head. I did a lot of research and reading though. The better you plan the better the results will be. If you have any questions about this build just email me at jack@jackdanielsrecordings.com

Thanks for reading!

  • Great desk do you have the demiensions you could post like to try to build this.
    Thanks Tony

    December 9, 2016 at 3:16 am
  • Hello great job on the studio desk! would you happen you have the basic measurements of the desk you could post or email?
    Thanks much!

    December 9, 2016 at 4:06 am

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